Julie Dennehy, enough of the on-line libel and slander.

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Julie Dennehy from Medway Mass has been slandering and libeling people on the internet for at least 5 years now; and its about time people start getting the word out about this person who gets off on ruining people's lives by posting negative and fictitious content.My brother is a victim of of this sociopath and I have had it!

My brother has had his livelihood destroyed because of this woman. He attempted suicide after reading what this sick person posted about him. It was posted a few years ago on complaints.com. After some forensic work, we had discovered she has done this to at least 10 other people.

Julie, pull these complaints, and I will pull mine--if not, then I will continue this necessary campaign...enough is enough.

You have ruined to many people for the word not to get out about you.Please head my advice, thank-you Tammy

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Dear Tammy,

I don't have any idea who you are, and I think you have me mistaken for the wrong person.I have never written anything negative about anyone on complaints.com or elsewhere - in fact, I help build up people and businesses for a living.

I would never, ever do anything like this, I promise you. I don't have any details about you, your brother, or what you are referring to, but I do know for a fact that you have the wrong person.

I'm sorry you were wronged by someone so egregiously that you felt compelled to write this review on my page as a campaign...it sounds like a terrible, terrible situation and I feel for you.

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